Friday, August 24, 2012

Glad to be Out4Marriage

This morning I saw three short video's that made my day and I just had to share them with you.

First if you are reading this post because you have seen it on a social network site or received it via email because you subscribe to my blog then you will need to follow the link to the blog to see the short videos.  I highly recommend that you do because they are all well worth watching and hopefully will make your day just as they have mine - don't forget to follow by email while you are here - its just to the right 

You may be aware of the C4EM - Coalition for Equal Marriage Campaign set up to counter a petition against same sex marriage. This campaign features a short viral video from film director and producer Mike Buonaiuto to support the campaign for same sex marriage. If you have not see that video yet, here it is.


That video has at the time of writing been viewed over 800,000 times in 4 months - and and has been followed up with a further campaign encouraging people to publish a short video in support of Equal Marriage.  I have been amazed at the growing list of celebrities and politicians who have taken the time to make a short video supporting this campaign which you can see at the Out4Marriage web site

But this is the video that really made my day - I think that is an act of considerable courage in the face of significant opposition from the entire Anglican church (Who have already distanced themselves from his views).  I am grateful to him for his action in publicly declaring his support for same sex marriage.

The Bishop of Buckingham is Out4Marriage

I think one aspect of this campaign that is not highlighted is the plight of hundreds of trans people who have been married, go through the trauma of one partner changing gender and still the relationship survives until at the last hurdle when the partner changing gender applies for Gender Recognition in their acquired gender they are told No. You first have to get divorced - Then you can change gender and then you can have a civil partnership. For many partners this is a bridge too far.

I know how difficult it is for partners of trans people; I know the kind of discrimination and harassment they face from friends and family; I know they are the ones who see people giggling and pointing and commenting; I know all too often the unsung heroes in a trans persons life - and many simply don't want to be publicly identified as gay or lesbian.

Marriage should not be about sexuality is it about love and commitment to the person you love whoever they are and that is the message from the Bishop Of Buckingham - I truly hope that others from the church who have remained silent will now follow his lead and come Out4Marriage.

Then while looking at the videos on this topic I noticed this title:

Don't wanna be Gay? Let me Cure You 

I expectd the worst and decided to just watch a few minutes.  Trust me - You have gotta watch this - I won't spoil the experience but this is awesome - and the reactions in the video from the USA give me great hope for the future.  Enjoy! and please do comment on the blog

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