Thursday, October 04, 2012

Let's Inspire 1,000,000 People to speakOUT for Gender Equality

This may seem like an impossible goal - but it is beginning to happen - slowly at first but with your help we can make it go viral.

I posted about my GREAT vision a month ago and since then have set up a facebook Page and redesignited the GenderSpeaker Social Network to support this project.  The Facebook Page is beginning to work and as this is the easiest way to bring about a viral reach, I am concentrating on that.

What I am asking people to do is simple

Take some action to promote gender Equality and/or Gender Diversity: 

I will be constantly looking out for any a interesting articles, blogs post, Facebook posts, videos etc to promote Gender Equality and Gender Diversity and will post them to the Facebook Page. and If you are still wondering why?  Watch this video from the Women and Public Policy Programme of Harvard Kennedy School

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