Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sonic Wall Blocks Bing

The building management where our office is located recently installed some nanny software after the server was attacked by various viruses. They have used Sonic Wall which is set to ban a large range of categories which unfortunately means that we are forever having to request reclassification of web sites, especially those supportoing Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans people.

It is interesting to see that Sonicwall views most LGBT sites as pornographic, despite having a classification for gay issues. To their credit thay have reclassified most of the sites we have requested - Fit Lads and Gaydar being unfortunately exceptions.

However today whilst looking at Bing, microsofts latest tool in it's fight against the young pretenders to their thone, I was amused to discover that clicking on the "Try Bing Now" button, to receive the following message.:-

This site has been blocked by the network administrator.


Block reason: Forbidden Category "Advertisement"

If you believe the below web site is rated incorrectly click here

I have written to Sonicwall congratulating them in banning Bing - though I am sure it was not their intention. Having looked at and tried bing I am not impressed. I am sure it is efficient, however I have become a real fan of Chrome, Google's new web brower, in the past few months, and the search facilities in Chome are excellent.

I seldom have any problems finding exactly what I want with Google on the web or on my PC and as the google search engine is now an integral part of the browser I cannot see the necessity to add in another unnecessary step to use a search engine that seems to offer nothing extra.

After the merger with Yahoo's search engine they will have about 20% of the market - it will be interesting to see if it can grow that.

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