Sunday, April 15, 2007

How the Media Spins Stories to Promote Political Agendas.

I wrote back before Christmas that my TV broke - and I still have not replaced it. However I have now become a great fan of StumbleVideo. Check it out.

Just follow the link (it will open in a new window) click on "Stumble" and it will serve up a random video. Click on "Channels" and you can select what broad topic areas you are interested in. When you watch a video you can click on the "Thumbs up" or "Thumbs Down" sign to indicate whether you like it or not - that information will then impact future videos - After a couple of weeks of this I now find that I like 70% of the video served and it is still getting better.

As a result I have started to pick up on stuff that we simply don't get to see in the UK and I suspect that if you are in the US it will also introduce you to stuff that you are not seeing there.

Why is this important? Because the more I use the internet to select the information I want to see - the more I realise how much the media is now controlling what we think. For example - Fox News - Owned by Rupert Murdock this news Channel is so biased that it is painful - but it true Orwellian style their strap line is "The network America trusts for fair and balanced news"

Fair and Balanced - Take a look at this short video clip of one of Fox's top anchors Bill O'Reilly - this man exudes right wing christian views - look at how he treat people on his show who in any way start to present a view or opinion he does not like or agree with.

Bill O'Reilly at his best

OK so now you know the kind of "Fair and Balanced" reporting O'Reilly is capable of, you will not be surprised to learn that a man like this is a target for political attack. Incidentally despite the huge controversy over his and other clearly biased reporting on Fox News, it continues and is openly supported and defended by Fox News executives which implies also, Rupert Murdock.

In November 2006 "The Bastard Fairies" (a band) produced a video using a very talented young actress playing a fictional role in a short promotional video that was posted on YouTube. This is a video (less than 3 minutes) that you will love or hate, depending upon your political perspective. It is important to watch the video before you see how O'Reilly responded.

The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O'Reilly

The statement that the video was fiction was posted with the video on YouTube at the same time, yet despite that in December Bill O'Reilly responded on his show. You will now see how Fox News spun this promo video to make it into an example of "Child Abuse" (claiming that the girl was the daughter of nuts and Fox knows who they are) by bringing onto the show an "expert Lawyer" on Child abuse, Wendy Murphy:

Bill O'Reilly responds to the Fairies

It is interesting to note some of the things Fox news did with this video to spin it and promote their Christian/Republican agenda. If Fox will do this with a verifiable source - what will they do to other news stories?

  • Fox showed very carefully selected and edited highlights to present messages not intended with the original video.
  • O'Reilly presented this as "Child Abuse" illustrated by a young child being used as a propaganda tool by her parents, who are nuts and should be prevented from being parents - she is a child actress - it is fictitious.
  • Fox beeped out the word "Ass," then O'Reilly claimed that the video contained more profanity - which it did not.
  • Murphy, a child abuse lawyer, claimed that "this is the ultimate inhumane treatment of a child." Really! This woman prosecutes child abusers and sex offenders for a living - she is an expert and must know that is not true, so she openly lied to position this story - that is not the first time she has lied in this way.
  • Murphy claimed that the girl accused Republicans of mass murder - she did not.

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