Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My TV Blew Up - I Think the Universe is Telling me Something

There I was on Christmas Eve - surfing around on the internet with my TV on in the background when suddenly without warning - Poof! it went off. For a second I thought it was a power failure until I realised my PC was still OK. There was a strange beeping sound from the back - but all efforts at revival proved in vain - the TV is dead, deceased, defunct, kaput, gone to meet its maker, shuffled off this mortal coil, etc.

In a funny way though I realise that this is probably a really good thing - and I am wondering if it might have been caused by some software I have been playing with. The software products are designed to get me the things I life I really want by reprogramming my brain - it's all along the lines of the great little book called The Cosmic Ordering Service that I am also about to read following rave reviews from my friend Michelle. However it's the software that has been in action longest.

The first is a product called Subliminal Power which flashes positive affirmations around a select number of personal goals on screen every 5 seconds. You barely see them, but it is claimed that the subconscious mind can see them and takes these affirmations on board. I spend a lot of time in front of my PC, especially now my TV is bust, so seemed a good plan.

The second was a gift from a friend called Dream Manifestation Wizard - Also linked to affirmations but this time you write your affirmation, select a picture to represent it, record the affirmation and then every so often, in my case 30 minutes, there is a Ping and a small pop up appears with my affirmation and recording reminding me where I want to be (worded as if I am already there.)

Now you might be asking "Why would positive affirmation software cause the TV to blow up." Well it goes like this - If you ask the universe for something - cosmic order or positive affirmation etc - the Universe says "Sure, no problem - however you need to make a few changes in your life to be able to accept this change." So you ask for a new job and next thing you know you are fired. The idea is that at least now you are free to take up the new job when it arrives and you are much more motivated about getting it - i.e. you get off your ass and start really looking for a job.

Well I have been asking for a few things like getting better organised, making more money, getting fitter and losing weight - all of which cannot be achieved lying on the sofa watching TV! It's funny how in the past few days, even over Christmas, I have got so much more done because there is no TV - So I have resolved not to replace the TV and tomorrow I cancel the Sky (satellite) contract. Perhaps 2007 is going to be a really successful year at last.

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