Saturday, November 25, 2006

Terror Storm - Alex Jones Controversial Video on Government Sponsored Terrorism.

This is another important video addressing what is happening in global politics right now. This video is produced by US news reporter and radio show host Alex Jones and looks at the history of government sponsored terrorism and seriously challenges the official stories on the London bombings and 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

Most importantly this documentary highlights many of the changes in legislation and abuses of human rights that have taken place since these events. It is difficult after watching this video not to have doubts about the official stories but even more alarming in my view are the comments by ordinary people such the woman who runs a fruit and veg stall outside Stockwell Tube station who said, "I think people should give up their liberty for freedom."

This documentary lasts about 2 hours - but could change your life. We are being subjected to government campaigns to manage and maintain power through fear. Check out the crime statistics and you will see that whilst actual crime in the UK has fallen over the past decade, fear of crime is increasing, and if you watched the Power of Nightmares documentaries (scroll down to see them) you will see that in the main that fear is of a fantasy threat.

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