Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finally evidence that people are facing the truth.

I have never been able to understand why apparently rational and intelligent beings have been so taken in by the outrageous official story promoted by the US and British governments following the 9/11 event. The evidence against the official story is so overwhelming that just reviewing it must raise doubts, yet so many people seem unprepared to look at any alternative. Perhaps the problem is that any alternative to the official story means "thinking the unthinkable," that the Bush administration and the neo conservatives were were complicit in the attack and were prepared to sacrifice 3000 mainly American lives in order to further their corporate aims of greed and power.

Today Jennifer Clowes, one of my network contacts on the Ecademy, pointed me to a speech by Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, the Democratic Party candidate for Congress in Florida, that has inspired me. If you have time do watch the video below because this is the first time I have heard someone of such stature condeming the Bush administration for Treason and arguing for and end to the corporate corruption that is threatening the future of this planet. It give me hope when people like this speak our so boldly and has inspired me to start this blog.

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